Your company is unique; your employees are too. At Wall Street English we help you to achieve the highest results with English training, applying the Wall Street Method in one of our proven delivery systems.


Your employees can start their training program when it best fits into their business schedule, at any time of the year, whenever it is most convenient for them.

Training at any of our Retail Training Centre locations; your employees will experience our total English Environment, Flexibility and state of the art feedback system, all wrapped up in our Blended Training Solution:

Accelerated Blended Learning Method

We establish clear learning objectives for all your employees, giving them all the resources they require to successfully develop their Confidence in Communication. Staff have unlimited access to all the facilities of the Wall Street Centre plus they can benefit from English Anytime® online lessons, teacher led encounters, conversational classes, Wall Street PRO® courses and our online platform The Village® which includes a free subscription to The Financial Times and ForToday Business English classes - the most up to date business English content of any provider.


For clients with an ongoing need for training and more than 200 students to train per year, Wall Street English can develop a WSE Language Development Centre at your office.

Fully integrating the Wall Street Method into your workplace, augmenting your training and development department and helping you to create a total English environment at your office, Wall Street English provides the teachers, the training materials the equipment and all the management required to operate one of these highly successful centres.

Incorporating all the core facets of a Wall Street English retail centre, the WSE Corporate Site allows for even more customization, development of specialist English Training tools and programs which match your industry requirements.

Speak to us today about how you can develop your staff faster with a WSE In-Company Training Centre. We can take you on a tour of our existing centres and give you a clearer view of how you can achieve the same success in English training at your company.


Aimed at executives who must learn English to maintain their competitive advantage and who need more flexibility to study, Wall Street English is pleased to offer WSE Training.

Our VIP Suite at Wall Street English Siam Discovery caters to executives and the highest level business people who require more privacy when they study and need a more personal learning experiences.

Following the same successful Wall Street Method, The VIP package is suitable for higher-up managers who do not feel that it is appropriate for them to be in the same class as their junior employees. it gives them the opportunity to learn comfortably in a more private and luxurious environment, and lets them have the same opportunity to make mistakes and grow

VIP Encounters are 1 Teacher and 1 Student
VIP Complementary Classes are 1 Teacher and 2 Students
VIP social Clubs are 1 Teacher and 4 Students practicing a topic chosen by one of the students in the class

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