These courses are designed for the busy executive, who simply does not have time to follow a standard program of lessons.So how can you find the time to improve your English regularly, without committing to over-long courses? We offer solutions with your private coach:Executive Workshops. These can be all day (8 hours); half day (4 hours); standard lessons, video & telephoning lessons or a combination of all of the above. The goal is maximum flexibility and high impact sessions.

Giving Presentations


Writing Emails

Developing Effective Communication


These workshops are all practice-based, not empty theory; they use roleplay and real-life scenarios, whilst taking each person’s individual situation into account.


What makes the difference between a merely competent presentation and a dynamic, impactful one? This workshop will give you clear, practically applicable techniques for making your presentations memorable.


We negotiate much more than you may think, especially in the business world. This workshop focuses on this challenging area and the language you could be using to make your negotiations more mutually successful.


We read and write emails every day, but how often do we reflect on whether they get our message across effectively or not? This practical, tailored, workshop focuses on your written skills, in particular how to write clear, effective emails and reports that are easy to read and convey precisely the message you intend.


This workshop deals with what it means to be a good communicator and how you can become even more effective in all of your dealings with people. You will explore the 3 composite areas of communication and how each of them impact upon the way we get our message across.

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