Wall Street English also offers customized business English classes adapted specifically to fit your needs. Our standard English-learning experience that focuses on three consolidation professional levels: Threshold, Milestone, and to help you achieve your career goals and reach a high degree of fluency, and to be able to comprehend complex ideas expressed by others.
Beginner's levels

Lessons on Levels

  • Learn to use the fundamental communication in everyday business encounter.
  • Learn how to respond to complaints while maintaining a polite manner.
  • Learn how to write a meeting report and read a simple company’s annual report.
  • Learn how to write formal business emails and making enquiries.
  • Students will learn how to hold a conversation with a good degree of fluency, read simple books, newspapers, web content, and technical documents, and write short letters and business reports.
  • Learn how to negotiate effectively.
  • Learn to read, write and summarise business reports.
  • Learn to discuss past events in a correct, chronological fashion
  • Learn the difference between formal and informal behavior in business.
  • Learn to make effective PowerPoint presentation on a killer level.
  • Learn to networking effectively and professionally.
  • Learn how to make an effective CV and cover letter.
  • Students are challenged with executive-level complexities ranging from cross-cultural conflict resolution to discussing a company’s brand and marketing strategy.
  • Learn to prepare dive-deep presentation
  • Learn to interpret an unclear/ambiguous message.
We have proven English teaching method. Introducing Wall Street English! Benefit from professional English levels to meet your communication and professional needs.
These are the benefits from choosing us:
Understandthe main points of familiar matters regularly encountered at work, school, and leisure.
Summarise business reports, make the effective presentation and exceled the negotiation skills in English.
Set up your own study schedule at your most convenient time.

Our Students
We recommend our courses for people who are over 25 years old with a purpose to gain English knowledge, confidence in speaking English in the professional world.
Take your English proficiency to the next level with our unique and guaranteed Wall Street PRO® Method that will make you speak like a pro and make you thrive in a business deal easier than ever!
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