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Wall Street English Thailand
Guaranteed 700 points on TOEIC®
Wall Street English Thailand
Improve listening and reading skills
Wall Street English Thailand
Understand the TOEIC® examination structure
Wall Street English Thailand
Understand business English

About the TOEIC® Test

The TOEIC® (Test of English for International Communication) is the English test used in the professional world to assess the English skills of job candidates. Obtaining a high score in TOEIC® opens a lot of career opportunities. Preparing for this exam is not only a pathway to achieving a high score but also to improving your English communication skills at work.

Wall Street English's TOEIC® preparation course "TOEIC® Pro" is comprised of valueable lessons developed by linguists and experts for specific examination training to maximize your TOEIC® scores.

About the TOEIC® Pro course

Our new-and-improved TOEIC® Pro course has been uniquely designed to maximize the amount of test knowledge and practice you receive in a short amount of time. By combining 2-hour classes with a native English-speaking teacher, practical test experience, and hours of online study activities, we ensure that you complete your course confident and able to maximize your TOEIC® score to the best of your ability.

We utilize materials designed by TOEIC® experts at Pearson International which aim to give you the tips, strategies, and vocabulary you need to pass the TOEIC® test with flying colors!


  • Each student receives a copy of Longman Preparation Series
    for TOEIC®
  • Guaranteed score based on placement test level
  • Each class contains both Listening and Reading sections
  • The course is specifically designed to spend more time on the more challenging parts of the test
Wall Street English Thailand

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Class details
2 hours per class – learn various test techniques, tips and tricks to complete the tasks in time, on all aspects of the TOEIC® Listening and Reading sections.
Get exclusive access to in-center English Corners to help boost your communication skills.
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Why choose TOEIC® Pro?
Trained Native English Speaking teachers
Uniquely designed course to maximize efficiency
Blended learning method (classes, practice tests, online study)
21-month subscription and access to 90 hours of practice material on “My English Lab”
Small class sizes (1-12 students per class)
Practical test experience (Mock Test)
*Terms and conditions apply
Students must take TOEIC® within 1 month after finishing the course and must have 100% attendance (16 Hours).
If after following the above conditions students cannot reach the guaranteed TOEIC® scores, students can come back to study the 16-hour course for free.
Wall Street English Thailand

About Wall Street English (Thailand)

Ranked as the number one English language school for adults in Thailand. Offering the most effective language acquisition method which has helped millions of people achieve their goals across the globe. Now Wall Street English is introducing its first TOEIC® training program which aims to help people with their dreams to advance their careers, achieve their goals and realize the importance of English in the professional world.

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