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Wall Street English Thailand
Guaranteed 700 points on TOEIC®
Wall Street English Thailand
Improve listening and reading skills
Wall Street English Thailand
Understand the TOEIC® examination structure
Wall Street English Thailand
Understand business English
Wall Street English Thailand

About the Course

The TOEIC® (Test of English for International Communication) is the English test used in the professional world to assess the English skills of job candidates. Obtaining a high score in TOEIC® opens a lot of career opportunities. Preparing for this exam is not only a pathway to achieving a high score but also to improving your English communication skills at work.

Wall Street English's TOEIC® preparation course "TOEIC Pack" is comprised of valueable lessons developed by linguists and experts for specific examination training to maximize your TOEIC® scores.

About the Course


The listening comprehension section has 100 multiple choice questions. You have 45 minutes to complete these tasks. This part has 495 total points.


The reading comprehension section has 100 multiple choice questions ranging from testing your grammar, vocabulary to comprehending given passages. You have 75 minutes to complete this task. This part has 495 total points.

There is no passing or failing in this examination. The minimum requirement for the airline industry is 550. Wall Street English guarantees that you will achieve 750 points to increase your chances to get your dream job.

Wall Street English Thailand

Table of Score Correlations For TOEIC, TOEFL & IELTS

Wall Street English Thailand

Source: Educational Testing Service.

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What's in the pack?
Class details
8 classes of preparation with a native English speaking teacher and a Thai coach
Along with a Thai expert teacher who will provide test taking tips and tricks for you
2 hours per class - learn various test techniques, tips and tricks
to complete the tasks in time, on all aspects of the TOEIC® Listening and Reading sections.
4 classes focus on reading comprehension (2 hours per class).
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1-hour first lesson and language assessment.
1-hour wrap-up class. The lesson is personalized for you to review the test essentials to get you ready for the exam.
21-month subscription and access to 90 hours of practice material on "My English Lab".
700 TOEIC® points guaranteed.*
You can repeat the lessons until you reach 700 points for up to 30 additional hours.
Learn in an English-only environment.
Study in a small group (1 - 12 students per class).
Social club
Practice tests in My English Lab
*Terms and conditions apply
Students must take TOEIC within 1 month after finishing the course and must have 100% attendance (16 Hours).
If after following the above conditions students cannot reach the guaranteed TOEIC scores, students can come back to study the 16-hour course for free.
Wall Street English Thailand

About Wall Street English (Thailand)

Ranked as the number one English language school for adults in Thailand. Offering the most effective language acquisition method which has helped millions of people achieve their goals across the globe. Now Wall Street English is introducing its first TOEIC® training program which aims to help people with their dreams to advance their careers, achieve their goals and realize the importance of English in the professional world.

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