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Wall Street English supported "Niyom" the busy INTERPOL police officer to realized his ambitions

I am a national representative officer now. I lead various investigations to secure the safety and stability between nations. I was part of the team developing a long-term strategy to put an end to the human trafficking en route from Myanmar to Malaysia via Thailand. English efficiency propels me to be invited and participate in many international training courses and conferences.

Better English communication can save a whole lot of time. Especially when the victims are multinational. When the big incident breaks, apart from the terrorists, we’re working against time—you can’t risk, can’t rely on a poor interpreter. It’s crucial for everyone involved to have adequate English proficiency skills. While an advanced English proficiency is needed if you want to maintain the good relationship with the police from other countries. Moreover, fast and precise communication can even prevent future crime—we can track the terrorists’ movements, stop them, and no more casualties.

I am a very busy police officer who has to communicate with police officers around the world. Wall Street English is a good fit for me because there’s a flexible schedule and I can attend classes via English Anytime—the accessible online multimedia lessons, whenever I want. I even look forward to the opportunity to obtain my PhD from the joint program between the King’s College of London and the National University of Singapore to study Political Science and War Studies.

Police Captain Niyom Kaseng Deputy Inspector of INTERPOL based in the National Bureau Bangkok, Royal Thai Police

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