How fast can I improve my English communication with Wall Street English if I have to use English as soon as possible?

In two months you will see your English improve - especially listening and vocabulary skills. You can also accelerate your English comprehension by joining special activities that suit your needs.

Can I manage time myself?

Absolutely! We know that your job is your priority, which is why our course provides you with great flexibility— you can finish your lessons online and book your Encounter Classes with our certified native English speaking teachers from our mobile application!

I’ve been studying English since I was in kindergarten but I still can't speak English very well. How can I be sure my English will improve from studying at Wall Street English?

The key is to use English in your daily life. We encourage our students to speak English at all times while they’re in our centers. On top of our entertaining and effective upgraded course, we also provide you with a lot of activities that you can join with other students who share the same goal as you. These activities will reward you with knowledge you can apply in your job. Many people come to us thinking that their English is poor, and we found that sometimes people can have a low opinion about themselves. We highly recommend you to take the placement test that will provide you with a clear idea of your English level.
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