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english test career english-for-middle-management
“Middle managers are responsible for _______ the best plan to achieve the overall goals.“ Fill in the blank with suitable word:
“As a manager, you are expected to give pep talks to employees regularly.“ What is a pep talk?
“As a middle manager, you’ll need information from below to track ___ and current conditions.” Fill in the blank with suitable word:
What do you say to start a brainstorming session?
What two words can be used in place of “OK” and “No problem”?
What do you say to introduce a problem to your employees?
You write an email to your senior manager. What is the best subject line?
Which statement about strategy and tactics is wrong?
A junior employee proposes his/her idea to you, and you don’t think it’s a good idea. What should you say?
Choose the best way to give an order to your employee:
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Wall Street English Thailand