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Online English test for working in the marketing and advertising field

The Wall Street English online English test is about the English language and technical terms used in the marketing and advertising field.

Did you know that people working in the marketing and advertising field always speak the same language? This field of work pays very well, but it is also very competitive. Imagine yourself working in a top notch advertising agency. Do you have what it takes to work among intelligent people and foreigners? Let’s find out!

1. Every company wants to _____ more exposure in order to promote themselves and their products.

2. Basic marketing strategy is to create _____ customers who are ready, _____ and able to buy

3. One thing that many companies always forget is that they can increase their business by rewarding existing customers for _____ new ones.

4. To make a sensible _____ among the different Language Institutes, it is important to do some research.


5. I would like to strongly recommend this _____ as the best available on the market today.

6. Sometimes you just need to _____ your colleagues to face the challenges of an economic recession in business.

7. You have to _____ the public that it is in their own interest to read the rules and regulations on all our campaign landing page.

8. The really effective advertising material is the one that _____ you to believe in its quality of being real or true.


9. Marketing campaigns hope to _____ more business by collecting the leads that are able to be converted to be sales.

10. In sales oriented business, it is important to host your website on your own server _____ of getting someone else to do it.

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