English Level – CEFR A1


Wall Street English levels:

  • 3 – 5 Waystage


  • IELTS: 2 – 3
  • TOEIC: 120 – 220
  • Cambridge: KET

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You can understand words and basic concepts related to personal information regarding your family, your country of origin, and your home, when people speak slowly and clearly.


You can understand the meaning of simple words and common phrases found in notices, posters, and catalogs.

Spoken Interaction

You can interact with people who speak slowly and are willing to reformulate sentences if you don’t understand. You can use and understand familiar expressions to describe immediate and basic needs.


You can write a simple email or message. You can fill in simple forms related to personal data like name, nationality, hotel location and other basic information.

Spoken production

You can introduce yourself and others in a simple but clear way. You can describe details about where you live and your life using simple adjectives, verb tenses and grammatical forms.


Your friend phoned to tell you that he lives in London and has invited you to visit him in two weeks: you can understand and reply to his invitation, asking him to repeat and/or speak slowly if necessary.

You’re in an English speaking country and have to ask directions to the nearest supermarket: you can ask simple but clear questions and make yourself understood. At the supermarket, you can understand signs and prices.

You’re on holiday in Spain and send a postcard to your friend who lives in London: you can write a short message that describes where you’re staying and what you’re doing.

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