English Level – CEFR A2


Wall Street English levels:

  • 6 – 9 Upper Waystage

Cambridge English Scale: 120 – 139



  • IELTS: 3 – 4
  • TOEIC Listening & Reading: 225 – 549
  • TOEIC Speaking & Writing: 160 – 239
  • Cambridge: N/A


You can understand words and phrases related to personal topics (e.g. basic information related to yourself and your family, where you live, shopping, work).


You can read very short, simple texts. You can find specific information found in everyday material like advertisements or train timetables. You understand short, simple letters.

Spoken Interaction

You can communicate during daily activities that require a fast and basic exchange of information. You can take part in social exchanges even if you’re not always able to carry on the conversation by yourself.


You can write simple personal letters, short messages, notes, and summaries, using basic grammatical structures.

Spoken production

You can speak about yourself and your family and friends. You can talk about your studies and job using simple expressions and a limited vocabulary. You can formulate simple but clear grammatical constructions.


You’re in a clothes shop where the assistant describes the latest offers on sale:you can understand him/her, ask about the price or for advice regarding the clothes and a brief description of every item.

You’re in a restaurant: you can understand basic information about the dishes on the menu, asking the waiter for some brief clarifications about some food.

You’re about to take a tram abroad: you can understand the timetable and details about the route based on written indications or asking someone waiting at the stop.

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