English Level – CEFR B1


Wall Street English levels:

  • 10 – 13 Threshold

Cambridge English Scale: 140 – 159



  • IELTS: 4.0 – 5.5
  • TOEFL IBT: 42
  • TOEIC Listening & Reading: 550 – 784
  • TOEIC Speaking & Writing: 240 – 309
  • Cambridge: PET

Quiz for English Levels B1 to C2

Challenge yourself with this fun quiz.

1. How long ___ here?

  • did you worked
  • have you worked
  • do you work

2. For two years. I ___ work as a researcher at the university.

  • did use to
  • used to
  • would work

3. Wow! That ___ been interesting.

  • can have
  • will have
  • must have

4. It was, but the professor ___ us do very long hours.

  • asked
  • let
  • made

5. I worked late in my last job only if we had to ___ a deadline.

  • meet
  • reach
  • do

6. ___ overtime?

  • Did they paid
  • Have you paid
  • Were you paid

7. No, but we ___ go home early the next day.

  • allowed to
  • were permitted to
  • were allowed to

8. If you could do anything, what ___ your dream job?

  • will be
  • is
  • would be

9. A doctor. In fact, I wish I ___ medicine instead of chemistry.

  • studied
  • had studied
  • have studied

10. But if you ___ a doctor, you'd have had to work terrible hours.

  • would have become
  • have become
  • had become

How did you do?

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You can understand the main points of a speech about familiar topics. You understand the main points of a TV or radio program, the news, and topics related to everyday life.


You can understand texts about frequent daily activities and work. You can understand descriptions of events, feelings, and wishes in personal letters and messages.

Spoken Interaction

You can deal with most situations while traveling in an English speaking country. You can enter into conversations about topics and everyday life without preparation.


You can write a simple text about the most important current issues. You can write emails that clearly describe your personal and professional experiences.

Spoken production

You can clearly and confidently describe personal and professional experiences. You can describe dreams, hopes, and ambitions in a simple way, giving short explanations about your plans.


You’re in a hotel and you meet a group of people who speak about their holidays and you take part in the conversation without difficulties, speaking about your experiences during your stay: you can understand the sense of what people say and intervene actively.

You’re watching a football program: you can understand how the game went based only on the summary provided by the commentator and listening to the interviews given by the players.

You would like to go to a U2 concert with an English speaking friend: you can write a short message to your friend explaining some updates about the tour and you explain that it would be best to see them in Dublin.

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