English Level – CEFR C1


Wall Street English levels:

  • 18 – 20 Mastery

Cambridge English Scale: 180 – 199



  • IELTS: 6.5 – 8.0
  • TOEFL IBT: 95
  • TOEIC Listening & Reading: 945 – 990
  • TOEIC Speaking & Writing: 360 – 400
  • Cambridge: CAE


You can understand extended speeches even about topics that you don’t know well. You can understand TV programs and films without much effort.


You can understand long and complex texts related to specific events and topics. You can read books and manuals without difficulty. You can understand, distinguish and appreciate different writing styles. You don’t have difficulty understanding technical concepts.

Spoken Interaction

You can converse spontaneously and fluently without difficulty. You use the language flexibly and effectively for personal and professional purposes. You formulate ideas and opinions clearly and get your point across skillfully.


You can write well-structured texts, expressing your viewpoints in detail. In letters you use complex themes, highlighting important aspects. You can modify your writing style according to the reader.

Spoken production

You can express complex themes and arguments from various angles. Your argumentation is clear, detailed, and provides important information that leads to concise, specific conclusions.


Your friend talks about kite-surfing, explaining in detail the equipment used as well as the techniques to adopt: even if you have never practiced this sport you can understand most of the speech.

In preparation for a meeting you write a detailed speech about artificial intelligence providing specific information and using scientific language: you can give precise answers to questions from the audience.

You’ve had a car accident and have to reach an agreement with the other driver:you express yourself without difficulty using specific language related to legal responsibility as well as talk about what happened.

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