English Conversation

Everyone who wants to learn English wants to practice English conversation, and rightly so. Many students know the words they need for work and they can write an email without too much difficulty, but conversational English during a business dinner or on holiday is a problem. So how can you get better at conversational English?

Here are some solutions.

Practice regularly

Practice is, of course, fundamental in learning how to converse in English but many courses don’t offer their students the opportunity to practice. In Wall Street English courses, students can take part in conversation lessons with a small group of people of the same level every week at any time or day that suits them. Wall Street English centers also have regular social activities in which students can practice further in a relaxed and fun context.

Start with what you know

When you begin practicing conversational English you don’t need to make long, complicated sentences. Use the phrases you have learned and build on them over time. The Wall Street English method allows students to do exactly this because conversation lessons are carefully structured around the same language the student is learning in his/her level.

Listen to other people having typical daily conversations

The best way to learn how to converse naturally is to copy others doing it. All our interactive lessons are based on everyday conversations and students learn basic conversation from the very first lessons.

Immerse yourself in English

Sometimes it’s difficult when you live in your home country to place yourself in an all English environment, where you can hear people speaking English all day in a natural and real way. At Wall Street English all our centers provide this. We have a total immersion atmosphere, there is no translation, everything is in English.

Learn real English

To be able to have conversations in real life, you need to study modern, practical English. Our lessons teach you the language used today in social situations and in business – the spoken English that opens doors to new opportunities.

So, are you ready to start having conversations in English?