English Grammar

Many people think that in order to learn English, the first thing to do is to learn English grammar. Grammar is, of course, part of any language but you can learn it in a natural and fun way, without needing to memorize long lists of rules, and do boring repetitive exercises. How? Read on to find out more!

The most natural way to learn grammar is through listening and copying, just as children do. By listening to a new grammar structure used in a natural context in each of our interactive lessons, you can understand the use and meaning without needing long and complex explanations. You can then copy and practice it until you naturally produce it yourself.

Try one of our grammar exercises here on Comparisons and test your knowledge now!

Travelling Comparisons

Practice making comparisons with this fun English quiz.

1. Travelling by train is ___ travelling by boat.

  • more fast than
  • faster than
  • fast than

2. Walking is ___ cycling.

  • more slow than
  • slower than
  • slower

3. Using public transport is ___ driving.

  • cheaper than
  • more cheap
  • cheap

4. Taking a taxi is ___ taking the subway.

  • expensiver than
  • more expensive than
  • expensive than

5. Riding a motorbike in the city is ___ driving a car.

  • easier than
  • more easy
  • more easier than

6. With long adjectives (for example, expensive, comfortable) we use more.

  • Yes
  • No

7. With short adjectives (for example, fast, cheap) we add -er.

  • Yes
  • No

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Learn one thing at a time.

The Wall Street English method follows a meticulously planned program in which new language and grammatical structures are introduced gradually and separately over twenty levels. Focusing on one grammar point at a time is really important to enable you to become confident in using certain language when you speak.

Don’t over analyze and don’t translate.

Trying to understand or translate each word in a grammatical structure will probably confuse you more than help you, and it will block you when you need to speak. Listen and copy the entire phrase and understand what the complete meaning is.

Review and practice.

Wall Street English students have a really fun and practical way to review the new grammar and vocabulary points they learned in their online lessons. Our digital workbooks provide a selection of exercises for each lesson that focus on every new grammar element. You can access the workbook from your phone, tablet or pc, whenever you want.

So now you know how to learn grammar in a fun and practical way, what’s stopping you?

Try our quick English test to see what level you can start at.