Speak English

Knowing how to speak English opens doors and changes your life. How can you learn and become confident in spoken English? Start by following these six simple rules

Keep it simple

In most everyday situations, for example at a café, we use simple, short sentences when we speak. In the first levels of our course you immediately start speaking English by using short phrases in typical daily settings and then build on these throughout the course.

Forget your first language

Translating is hard and stops you thinking directly in English. Our method enables you to learn the meaning of words through context and examples

Practice Speaking

The only way to learn how to speak is to speak, which is why all our multimedia lessons focus on speaking. And after acquiring the new language, you will gain further confidence by reproducing it with others in speaking activities. We have many social clubs which are fun and social classes, in or outside the center to have a place where you can make friends and build your confidence in speaking English.


The second-best way to practice speaking is to listen to other people speaking English. Our fun storyline, present in each lesson, lets you listen to native and non-native speakers, and by listening and copying you learn to pronounce words correctly. Read more about our characters and storyline here.

Have a clear objective

Everyone has individual needs and preferences for studying, which is why you need a flexible course that can adapt to you. We help each student find their own rhythm, giving continual feedback and support along the way in order to reach their personal goal.

Take a risk!

To learn anything new you need to make mistakes. By practicing speaking English in a friendly, relaxing environment, our students don’t worry if they say something wrong because it is an important part of the learning process.

So why not take the challenge?

Check out Our Locations to find your nearest Wall Street English Center and start speaking English!