First Step for learning english through movies

First Step for learning english through movies

Watching movie at home is a major activity many people love to do in their spare time. Good news—for those whose lives entangle in a series of looming deadlines and busy schedules—is you can always learn English through your daily recreation activity. Follow these easy steps and transform your home entertainment into a sustainable knowledge.


1. Find your role model

Moviegoers often follow the work of their favorite actors. It’s good to have your own preference then turn them into your role model. Take this as the first step to build your personality base on the character of your favorite movie star. Whether you want to appear stylist like British actor or become a strong woman with great smile like or a smart American man like Choose your own actor and mimic their characters is one way to practice and gain confident.


2. Select the original soundtracks

It’s easy to watch movie in your own language, but you’ll miss the chance of hearing your favorite actor’s voice and the opportunity of learning the new language. Switch from the comfort of watching movies in your native language to the original soundtracks. You’ll get used to the pronunciation and you’ll find the movie more engaging than before.


3. Sit back, relax and change the subtitle to English

You must have a movie or TV series that you love to watch over and over again. For whatever reasons—you may remember the dialogues from those movies. If you turn on the subtitle in your own language—it’s time for a change. Switch the subtitle to English and you’ll be surprise by how many vocabulary and how you can apply the sentence from the movie in your daily life.


4. Keep calm and turn off the subtitle

We dare you to turn off the subtitle and embrace a new experience of watching Hollywood movies without the distraction of the subtitle on your screen. You’ll see more, hear more and be more focus on the story and the actors’ performance. Don’t be afraid because you don’t have to know all the English vocabulary in the world to watch movie without subtitle—as long as you can understand the main idea of the dialogue then you’re good to go. For the beginner, we recommend short episode of the sit-com such as or , these are the best choice because you’ll learn day-to-day conversation and, soon enough, you’ll no longer need those subtitle and wouldn’t it be nice to get the real experience of watching movie.



5. Choose the movie related to your daily life

This will help you cope with your professional life. If you’re working in a law firm, a movie like will be the source of your inspiration and power your specific vocabulary requires for your profession. For people who works in finance, a movie like is one good option for you to learn about jargons. For guys who wish to strike a girl with the cheerfully laddish spirit opt for movie like . For social girls used as your guide to develop the compelling conversation.


Learning English through movie is one of the best ways for English learners to improve their English. Don’t forget to follow these easy steps so you can obtain confidence while simultaneously having a good time watching movie.

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