How to Stay Focused When Learning English Online

How to Stay Focused When Learning English Online

We all know how important it is to stay focused and concentrate when studying English. The moment your mind wanders, or you start thinking of something else, you stop learning. It’s so easy to be distracted when you’re just looking at a screen.

So, what’s the answer? Do you just need better self-control, or is the answer in the course itself? We’ll explain how the Wall Street English online learning system helps you to stay focused and concentrate on studying.

7 Tips for Staying Focused

  1. Being interested and engaged in what’s happening,
  2. Having a clear goal or objective that you’re moving towards, and knowing that you’re making progress towards your goal,
  3. Studying at just the right level for you – too hard and you give up, too easy and you feel like you’re wasting your time,
  4. Interactivity – you get a response from your actions,
  5. Feedback – you know how well you’re doing,
  6. Encouragement – someone notices how you’re doing and tells you, and
  7. Support and guidance – someone helps you if you have problems.


How Wall Street English Helps You Stay Focused

  1. There’s an entertaining storyline, like an amusing TV ‘soap opera’
  2. You set your own personal goal at the start of the course, and you always know how near you are to reaching your goal.
  3. We make sure you’re always studying at just the right level for you, not only through online quizzes but uniquely through teacher assessment in every unit.
  4. All the online study is two-way: it’s full of small tests and interactive exercises.
  5. There are lots of online lessons where you get to interact with real live teachers and other students.
  6. You get constant feedback on how well you’re doing both online and from highly-qualified teachers
  7. Wall Street English learning experts are constantly following your progress, sending you encouraging messages and advice.


Providing High-Quality Support Online

As the Coronavirus epidemic affects the world our priority has been the health and safety of our students, staff and communities in which we operate. To that end, we have now made our English learning experience available 100% online.

Wall Street English have been using interactive technology to support teaching English for almost 50 years, so when it comes to online learning, we’re the experts!

Here’s what we do to help you to focus and concentrate when studying online:

  • You have your own personal coach who is following your progress all the time. They’re available for advice and support whenever you need them.
  • We’ve put all our different kinds of interactive lessons with teachers online. Sometimes you’re practicing specific language points, sometimes having interesting conversations, and sometimes doing interactive tasks with other people. Always there’s feedback on your progress from your teachers.
  • All our textbooks are digital, and full of interactive activities – also with feedback on your progress.

You have your own ‘student dashboard’ (information center) where you can check on your progress towards your goals whenever you want to. (And you can ask your personal coach for advice if anything isn’t clear).

So, how can you stay focused when studying online?

Self-control helps, but it mostly depends on the quality of the course that you’re studying. It’s particularly important to feel that you’re interacting with other people, and getting feedback, advice and support.

All of these are key features of the Wall Street English course that’s now available ‘100% online’.

Find out more about how you can improve your English with our Online English Course.

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