Make the Most of Your Time Learn English Online

Make the Most of Your Time Learn English Online

Have you always had trouble finding time to learn English? Do you always miss the moment when many courses start?

Having to stick to rigid class schedules and course dates can easily stop you from learning English. So what if there’s a course that has total flexibility in terms of study times and rhythm and available 100% online? Read on to find out about it.

Flexible class schedules

For many of us, it’s really tricky to fix a day and time for studying that will be unchangeable for a few months. At Wall Street English, you don’t have to! Every class you book can be on a different day and time. One lesson could be on a Monday morning and the next one on a Friday evening. You choose!


100% Online

As well as having complete flexibility regarding dates and times, you can now study wherever you are thanks to our online classes. Simply book a class when it suits you and meet your teacher online in our exclusive customized classroom.


Never miss out

Having this flexibility in a course is extremely valuable because it means you never miss lessons unlike many traditional courses. If you’re having a busy week and can’t study one week, or even if you have to cancel at the last minute, no problem – you simply do that lesson the following week, without losing anything.


Book classes yourself

Thanks to our online booking schedule, you can even sign up for classes yourself! No need to waste time contacting your school – when you’re ready, 24/7, you can book a class on any mobile device.


Making good use of your free time

Research carried out last year showed that all of us had on average 38 hours of free time every week! In these difficult times the number of those hours has probably increased, but we often use that free time badly – watching TV, looking at social media, or playing games. By doing an English course that you can follow wherever you are and whenever you’re free, makes great use of that time.


Start whenever you want

By far the majority of language schools require you to start a course at the beginning of an academic term – typically September, January or April. That’s actually very limiting, and often those times of the year are already full of different activities. At Wall Street English you can start your course whenever you want, including at any moment during this period that you might have more time available than usual.


Choose your speed

Another very flexible aspect of our course is that you can manage and vary your study rhythm according to your needs. You can choose to spend one month studying intensively, such as this coming month when you’re working or studying from home, and when you go back to work or university in the coming months you can take things more slowly. This level of flexibility is really useful if your schedule tends to change a lot.


Do classes when you’re ready

At Wall Street English, our method enables you to learn new language yourself before your lesson with a teacher. This means when you join a lesson and practice with your teacher, you’re 100% prepared, as are the two or three other students in your small class. If you haven’t had time to prepare you can simply postpone the lesson by a few days. Our online class schedule offers classes all day every day so it’s easy to find a day and time that suits you.


Flexibility with guidance

Being flexible is a great plus when you’re trying to learn English, but being flexible without support and guidance can be dangerous. You might start off with good intentions but then slip behind, get distracted, and end up not studying. For this reason, at Wall Street English you are assigned a study advisor who guides you non-stop throughout your course. Your study advisor will help you establish the right study habits to make progress, and make sure you stay on track to reach your objective.


Flexibility is essential for anyone nowadays who is trying to learn English, and our courses at Wall Street English offer a level of flexibility that is far beyond any other school.



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