Why Wall Street English is Premium

Why Wall Street English is Premium

When you invest your time and money into anything, you want to be sure you’re making the right choice, and this is never more true than when you’re choosing the best way to learn English. So why is Wall Street English premium and what makes it the best option for you?

It’s Personalized

All of us have different needs regarding when we can study and for how long. Not only do our working hours vary but also our family lives and other interests have an important impact on our availability in different ways. Moreover, your speed of learning is undoubtedly not exactly the same as everyone else’s.


At Wall Street English they understand this and have found a practical way to completely personalize the course as a result. The method enables you to study when and where you want, for how long you want, and with the frequency that suits you best. The school helps you establish an objective within a realistic time-frame and then you work towards this goal with the help and support of all the staff.


It’s Supportive

Trying to learn English alone without help doesn’t work. Have you ever tried? You quickly lose motivation, you get no feedback, and you have no structure.


Being a student at Wall Street English means you have the support and guidance of language consultants, qualified teachers and personal tutors, from start to finish. The language consultants begin by assessing your needs – understanding your starting level and the level you want to reach, what you need English for, and what time scale you need to follow. During the course your personal tutor helps you plan lessons around your availability, and also gives you extra help whenever you need it. And the highly qualified teachers make sure you’re acquiring all the new language successfully and guide you step by step. As there are very small classes, it’s very common for students and teachers to get to know each other really well and even form long-lasting friendships.


It’s Proven

The first Wall Street English center opened in 1972, and the course was based on exactly the same method and principles that the school uses today.


Over the years the material and technology have obviously been modernized and developed but the foundations of the method are the same. Why? Because it works. Since 1972, more than 3 million students in 28 territories all over the world have proven this is true.


It’s Engaging

The core course at Wall Street English is based on a series of very entertaining video stories that follow the personal and professional lives of a group of international people living in New York. They introduce you to practical, everyday language you can use both in and out of the workplace.


After watching the video story, you practice using the new language through speaking exercises and fun interactive quizzes. You then practice further by completing some exercises in your digital workbook. And finally to complete the cycle, you review and practice what you have learned with a teacher and 2 or 3 other students.


As well as this cycle of activities for each unit, you also have the chance to take part in conversation classes every week, on a day and time that suits you. Moreover, you can attend our social activities that give you the chance to socialize in English going to pub nights, the cinema, museum trips, and much more. Practicing English and having fun at the same time is a great way to learn.


As you can see, Wall Street English is not like any other language school. Its experience and its proven and engaging method make it premium. Find your nearest Wall Street English center on the Our Locations page and make your dream to speak English become a reality.

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