Toeic Pro

Where Will This Course Take You?

Guaranteed 700 points on TOEIC®

Improve listening and reading skills

Understand the TOEIC® examination structure

Understand business English

About the TOEIC® Test

The TOEIC® (Test of English for International Communication) is the English test used in the professional world to assess the English skills of job candidates. Obtaining a high score in TOEIC® opens a lot of career opportunities. Preparing for this exam is not only a pathway to achieving a high score but also to improving your English communication skills at work.

Wall Street English’s TOEIC® preparation course “TOEIC® Pro” is comprised of valueable lessons developed by linguists and experts for specific examination training to maximize your TOEIC® scores.

Why choose TOEIC® Pro?

  • Trained Native English Speaking teachers
  • Uniquely designed course to maximize efficiency
  • Blended learning method (classes, practice tests, online study)
  • 21-month subscription and access to 90 hours of practice material on “My English Lab”
  • Small class sizes (1-12 students per class)
  • Practical test experience (Mock Test)

About the TOEIC® Pro course

Our new-and-improved TOEIC® Pro course has been uniquely designed to maximize the amount of test knowledge and practice you receive in a short amount of time. By combining 2-hour classes with a native English-speaking teacher, practical test experience, and hours of online study activities, we ensure that you complete your course confident and able to maximize your TOEIC® score to the best of your ability.

We utilize materials designed by TOEIC® experts at Pearson International which aim to give you the tips, strategies, and vocabulary you need to pass the TOEIC® test with flying colors!


  • Each student receives a copy of Longman Preparation Series
    for TOEIC®
  • Guaranteed score based on placement test level
  • Each class contains both Listening and Reading sections
  • The course is specifically designed to spend more time on the more challenging parts of the test


Class details

  • 2 hours per class – learn various test techniques, tips and tricks to complete the tasks in time, on all aspects of the TOEIC® Listening and Reading sections.
  • Get exclusive access to in-center English Corners to help boost your communication skills.
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