Ark Pisakorn Tosrigaw

Ark Pisakorn Tosrigaw

Why English is important for you? 

As a person who loves to talk and interact with strangers, especially foreigners, the ability to fluently use an international language is an absolute necessity to bring conversation to a deeper and more profound level. In addition, in order for me to gain in-depth knowledge of certain academic topics, I have to be capable of reading complicated articles that are all in English. So, that’s why English is so important for me.

Why you choose Wall Street English?

To be honest, at the moment I just didn’t know where to study English and I saw Wall Street ads popping up everywhere on the internet, even on some unexpected websites, so I decided to give Wall Street a chance by walking straight to Wall Street center just to inquire. Then I was trapped by a salesperson and she didn’t allow me to leave unless I signed the contract.

How English change your life?

English doesn’t change my life, Wall Street does. At this place I’ve not only encountered amazing teachers and staff, but I’ve also experienced warm hospitality and long-lasting friendship. Memories that won’t be gone, some people I can never forget, for me this place is far more than just an English institute, it is like one of the places where I feel exceedingly pleasant every time I enter.


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