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Business English

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Business English Online Test

From beginners to advanced students, everyone has a certain knowledge of Business English, based on experiences from school, at work, or trips abroad.

We need a catchy name for our brand. Let's get a few people together and ______ a name.

  • say
  • create
  • brainstorm

I have to pay by credit card because I forgot my _____.

  • notebook
  • checkbook
  • netbook

Let's go to the bank. I have to _____ some money.

  • withtake
  • retire
  • withdraw

When you go to an auction and you want to buy a particular item, you can simply make a _____ for it.

  • bid
  • go
  • test

He's just spent all his _____ on a brand new car.

  • saving
  • save
  • savings

Where are the _____ of the company located?

  • head office
  • headquarters
  • head rooms

Let me _____ Mr. Smith.

  • introduce you to
  • present you
  • show you

We are _____ the new summer collection.

  • design
  • working
  • designing

Can you give me your number? Sure, here is my _____.

  • card of business
  • business card
  • visiting card

We have a very important meeting this afternoon, have you finished the _____?

  • talk
  • lecture
  • presentation

We bought the new _____ but maybe the old one was better.

  • internet
  • software
  • programs

Susan is feeling really nervous right now. In a few minutes she will have her first job _____.

  • interview
  • talk
  • speech

Can you go through all of these documents please? I really need a precise _____.

  • analyzing
  • analyze
  • analysis

Manufacturers of cosmetics frequently offer free _____ for customers to try out their new products.

  • commercials
  • samples
  • posters

If I don't finish this job by 8.00 pm, I'll get into serious _____.

  • trouble
  • mistake
  • problem

I'm sorry Mr. Peters, there are no seats left on this flight. The company says they're _____.

  • discredited
  • misused
  • overbooked

I need to do this quick! My boss is not very _____.

  • patient
  • impatient
  • patience

Is the dinner tonight _____ or friendly?

  • formal
  • informal
  • form

I work 10 hours a day! I'm really not happy with my _____.

  • timetable
  • hours
  • agenda

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