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Business & Professional English Test

Are you looking to improve your career? By learning English you could earn more money. Test your business English with this quick test.

1. This month's import quota was really difficult to ___.

  • figure in
  • figure out
  • figure to

2. The company _____ in new technology this year.

  • has invested
  • did invest
  • has invited

3. I'd like to speak to John, but I can't ___ to him.

  • get in
  • get through
  • get on

4. Even though the President made the comments ___, they still appeared in the newspaper.

  • off the scale
  • off the record
  • off the cuff

5. Yesterday, JBO ___ by OLR.

  • was taken over
  • were took over
  • taken over

6. By this time tomorrow, the team leader ___ on the project budget for 24 hours.

  • will have working
  • will have been worked
  • will have been working

7. I ___ the job, if the perks hadn't been so great.

  • wouldn't have taken
  • wouldn't have took
  • wouldn't had took

8. The CFO remembers _____ the report but he's not sure where he put it.

  • to save
  • saving
  • saved

9. At the meeting, Jack brought something really interesting ___ table.

  • out of the
  • from the
  • to the

10. I would like to discuss this issue with Jane, but she ______ answer the phone.

  • won't
  • don't
  • not

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